Peg O'Connell Photography

 Curriculum vitae​

Artist Statement

Finding beauty in everything.

There are some things inherently beautiful; the first snowfall, an orchid,  a sunrise (or sunset), even a smile.  

Yet,  it's usually the small things that catch my eye; such as the translucence of an onion (or garlic) skin or  a weed growing through a crack of the sidewalk.  Sometimes it is a big thing, such as how the wind turns tree leaves into a kaleidoscope of blurred greens, yellows, oranges or red.  Creating artwork that highlights the everyday beauty of our surroundings is how I communicate the beauty I see everyday to you.

Why do I find this object beautiful?  

Are there days when you see something and you just ask yourself "how can this be?" or "why does this intrigue me so?" or "why am I finding this beautiful?"  I have those days all the time.  And instead of going onto the big world wide web to figure out the reason, I photograph the subject ad infinitum.  And I find the answers to those daily questions when people verbally respond to my artwork, telling me what they see. 


Peg O'Connell is a film based photographer residing in Brookline, Massachusetts.  She began taking photographic classes at the Boston Center for Adult Education in 1995 (or there abouts) and started taking evening workshop classes at the New England School of Photography in the autumn of 1999.

She thoroughly enjoys the analog process of developing the film and photographs in the darkroom, and has no plans of going digital.  ​​